Quite frequently, new people I meet on the Internet (and especially those on IRC) tell me that I seem to be angry at them, or in a bad mood. They’re normally wrong.

My Explanation

I have been using IRC for about a decade. As of writing, my IRC client tells me I am on:

Including scripts and other non-chat items, that is 283 currently open buffers (“tabs”). That is pretty normal for me.

“Time is money.” I only sit in channels I care to read, or, in rare cases, those that might have interesting links posted that will show up in my IRC link aggregator for later viewing.

My point is: my attention on IRC is divided about 300 ways at all times, and I’m almost always working on other things at the same time. So chatting becomes more mechanical than social — people send me questions or requests and I make sure they are given a timely, definitive answer. Otherwise, I will end up doing nothing but chatting all the time.

A side effect of this attitude is that some people get cold, short answers.

If you often ask me for help with things, you will get this from me a lot. I enjoy helping you or I wouldn’t be doing it.


Change your expectations. I’m not:

If I am any of those things, I won’t hesitate to tell you.

Things That Do Anger Me

If you do any of the above things, expect to be ignored/banned/k-lined/ridiculed, unless you are paying me money.